Make Money from Torrenting

So I was bored and decided to go back to what I used to do few years ago when torrent sites were prospering. Quit it because lots of people were doing it. Maybe lots of people will start doing it again after I post this method. Good, do it and earn some bucks. Let's begin our method.

Step 1: Go to and sort the list by release date.

Step 2: Search on Google "Movie Name CamRip" and you will find few sites with shitty cam rips which are not accepted on torrents or either deleted because of extremely low quality.

Step 3: Download that shitty cam rip and create a torrent of that film. You will find lots of tutorial on how to create a torrent. Make sure to add public trackers while creating your torrent. Every torrent site has them.

Now whas the trick here? You add a nfo file in the torrent and give a CPA link for "HDRip"
Yes, there's no HDRip out yet so people go crazy.

Now I used CPAGrip to create a file locker. Go to the following link and see how the page looks. Add bunch of fake comments too. (

Step 4: Upload it top 3 torrent sites. Search on google "top 3 torrent sites"

Once you upload, don't forget to seed your own torrent. Let it upload overnight or 2-3 days so people can download it.

Best thing about this method is the torrent will spread like wildfire if you are quick enough to be the first uploader.

Note : Every few days delete your downloaded torrent and re-download, seed it to keep it alive and active. Create few accounts and post fake comments on torrent sites.

$45.81 overnight with 1 movie. Torrent will get deleted but by then it would have spread to a lot of other sites. If your cam rip is legit, people even share it on telegram and other social platforms.

TIP: If you watermark the movie with your streaming website, you will get heavy traffic. That's a long term money making method if you actually offer people content they want. If you want quick bucks, go for CPA.

This is not limited to movies. Think about hundreds of other digital products that launch every single day on internet.

Take some action and let me know how it goes for you.

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